This software helps ensure once a safety hazard is eliminated, it stays eliminated.

  • Record Safety Hazards

    Capture observed hazards, near misses, and OSHA reportable incidents and document their corrective actions.

  • Perform Periodic Audits

    Ensure once a corrective action is put in place it stays in place.

  • Log Non-Work Injuries

    Prevent them from becoming on-the-job injuries.

  • Communicate Work Restrictions

    Keep your team in the know.

  • Store Your Safety Records

    Whether you have one or one hundred locations, storing your safety records in a single, easy-to-access database will help keep you and your team in the know.

It also provides a formal system for OSHA Reporting.

  • Record Your OSHA 301 Incident Reports

    Generate them with one click.

  • Generate Your 300 Log and 300A Summary Forms

    Automatically created for each establishment.

  • Generate Your 300A CSV File(s)

    For electronic submittal through OSHA's online Injury Tracking Application.